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lo-mio-solaro-2003 Billy Butler

Name - Billy Butler
Age - 24
Sex - male
Eyes - green
Hair - brown
Place of birth - Las Vegas, New Mexico
Current residence - Phoenix, Arizona
Interests - photography, drawing, writing, music, swimming, having fun with friends
Dream car - a restored DeLorean/2005 SAAB 93
Job - customer service
Farthest east - Dallas, TX
Farthest west - San Francisco, CA
Farthest north - Victoria, BC
Farthest south - El Paso, TX
Driving habits - fast!
Favorite fast food - Quizno's TBG
Favorite soft drink - Dr pepper
What do I look like? - Young euro looking, once described as "regular American kid"
Favorite movies - the matrix, better off dead,
                  Fight club, the princess bride,
                  Star wars, The Goonies, Indiana Jones, 
                  Legend, Trainspotting 
Favorite bands - u2, 
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I believe my photography style is a young, modern, avant garde version of documentary and contemporary art. I started taking pictures about 10 years ago when I got my first camera. Since then, I have experimented in Landscape, Portrait, Studio, City, and Scenic Photography. I am constantly adding to my interest. I currently study by working with other photographers, doing personal research, observing as well as workshops and classes. I am a student evolving my own personal style. I welcome all feedback as to my work as it helps to obtaining a better visual understanding. I also wanted to say that my style is self reflective as well as the work I put into this website. Thank you for visiting, I hope you like my ideas.

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