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stars Chromophotographica... stars

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1. "AERACHROME - Earth
2. "PLANITIACHROME - Landscape
3. "VIBRACHROME - Vibrant
4. "FLUOROCHROME - Fluorescent
5. "LINKS"

Aerachrome - Earth

1.Red Flower 2.Bright Red Flower 3.Chromo Red Flower 4.Golden Red Flower 5.Miracle Monochrome Violet 6.Soft Blue Flower

Planitiachrome - Land

1.The OLD West 2.Aurora Tempera Sunset 3.Papago Park Hole In Rock 4.Cracked Mud 5.Hayden Flour Mill

Vibrachrome - Vibrant

1.The Superstition Mountains 2.The Papago Rocks 3.The Goldfield Snack Shop 4.Squaw Peak's Vista 5.Soft cool mountain spring

6.Mill Avenue Bridge 7.Monti's Old Restaurant 8.Red Lamp Green 9.Neon Reflection

Fluorochrome - Fluorescent

1.Hello Teddy, Be Good 2.Drink ME! Plum Tea 3.Neon Tennis Racket

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